Natural, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, Locally Raised

Richter Farms produces delicious Red Wattle pork raised on pasture and in hardwoods near Abbeville, Al.

Call (334)585-4903 or Call (334)618-3578

Our Registered Red Wattle hogs are an old heritage breed known for producing some of the best tasting pork that people have ever eaten, including high end chefs and old timers who remember how pork raised on the farm used to taste.

Our hogs are free to forage for food and are supplemented only non-gmo swine ration with no soy products or antibiotics. For added nutrician and health we add natural mineral supplementation, natural parasite control, and soaked, slightly fermented non-gmo grain.

Our hogs are:
• Always outdoors with plenty of room
• Humanely handled from birth to processing
• No antibiotics, hormones or medications
• No GMO feed
• Processed by a local USDA inspected facility
• Natural curing and smoking available (no nitrates or nitrites used)

Whole or Half hogs are available butchered and wrapped to your specs, then frozen and ready for your freezer.

Not ready for a half or whole hog? Call us and we will sell you in pork smaller quantities subject to availability.

You can also order our pork at the “Market at Dothan” facebook page, along with other naturally raised Farm products from several local farms.

Contact us with any questions. When you are ready to order a half or whole hog, or just want to try some cuts directly from our Farm, let us know. We will let you know what is available and current prices. You will enjoy your premium, heritage breed pork! Taste and see for yourself! Local and naturally raised heritage breed pork has no comparison.