Natural, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, Locally Raised

Richter Farms produces delicious Red Wattle pork raised on pasture and in hardwoods near Abbeville, Al.

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About Richter Farms

Richter’s Farms produces the best pork that many of our customers have ever tasted.

Our hogs live a stress free life in woods and pasture, are handled humanely from birth to processing, and the quality of their meat shows it. Red Wattle pork is dark, almost red, very well marbled, and delicious.

Older heritage breeds, like our registered Red Wattles, were bred to thrive in a natural outdoor environment on small family farms, foraging for much of their food. In addition to daily foraging, our Red Wattles are supplemented with a daily ration of non-gmo, soy free hog feed with no antibiotics or added hormones, and soaked, slightly fermented grain.
Even though hogs are not normally fed hormones like cows are, commercially raised hogs are normally fed daily antibiotics – but not ours. Our hogs are naturally healthy, and need no medications, vaccinations, or hormones.

Locally grown food is steadily gaining popularity as many people are losing confidence in where and how our food is being raised and processed.
Commercial pork farming operations have to make least cost per pound the main priority and quality of the meat suffers.
Richter Farms make quality a high priority, while balancing cost to provide you better meat at an affordable price.

At Richter Farms, you can talk to your farmer, ask questions, and know what went into your food.
We’re not just producing pork, we’re building relationships around food, like people have done for thousands of years.
Buy and “Eat Local” and feel much more comfortable about what you and your families are eating!

We produce premium heritage pork for those who want the best meat at a reasonable price. Taste it for yourself, and enjoy!

In addition to meat sales, we also sell weaned feeder pigs and registered Red Wattle Breeding stock when available.
Let us know what you are interested in and we’ll discuss what we have now or expect to have available in the future.