You will be sent a copy of this Contract to fill out and sign:

Richter Farms, 501 County Road 176, Abbeville, Al  36310

Phone 334 585-4903 home, 334 618-3578 cell

Please remember to enclose a check for your minimum deposit of approximately ½ the total cost of the meat (deposit for ½ hog = $200, deposit for Whole hog = $400) make payable to Vince Richter.   The remainder of the cost of the meat will be determined after the hog is slaughtered and weighed at the processor.




Phone Day:_______________________________ Phone Evenings:_______________________________

# Of hogs: ____________ @ $4.00/lb hanging weight

(Enter ‘1’ for a whole, ½ for half)

1. Buyer agrees to pay Vince Richter, the seller, the deposit at the agreed upon deposit price above to reserve the meat.  The deposit, which can be a personal check, must be paid prior to delivery of the hog to the processor. The remainder of the fee for the meat must be paid to Vince Richter prior to pickup at the processor.  No meat will be released by the processor to the buyer until the meat is paid for in full.  Final payment must be cash, money order, or cashier’s check.  Buyer acknowledges and understands that any deposit will be forfeited if the Buyer fails to meet this obligation.

2. Buyer acknowledges and understands that the processor will charge a separate fee, payable to them, upon completion of the processing, and must be paid to them prior to pick up of the meat.

3. The Buyer acknowledges that there are certain risks involved in raising, butchering and preparing food, especially meats for consumption. Buyer assumes all such risks and agrees to indemnify and hold Seller harmless from all such risk of harm to Buyer and anyone to whom Buyer gives, serves or provides pork/hogs purchased from Seller. Seller makes no representation or warranty regarding the quality or fitness for any particular purpose of the hogs being sold.

4. Buyer acknowledges that the Seller is selling the hog to the Buyer in its present condition, AS IS, and that the Seller is not responsible for butchering or preparing the hog for consumption. Buyer assumes all risk of contamination of such hog/food and Seller is merely delivering the hog being purchased to the butcher for the benefit of the Buyer. Seller makes no representation or warranty as to the condition of the hog and Buyer is allowed to examine said hog or have said hog examined or tested for the Buyer’s own benefit prior to being butchered if the Buyer should so choose.

5. EXCLUSION OF WARRANTIES The Seller makes no express or implied warranties except that Seller is the owner of the hog being sold. Any affirmation of fact or promise made by the Seller shall not be deemed to create an express warranty that the goods shall conform to the affirmation or promise, that any description of the goods is for the sole purpose of identifying them and shall not be deemed to create an express warranty that the goods shall conform to the description, that any sample or model is for illustrative purposes only and shall not be deemed to create an express warranty that the whole of the goods shall conform to the sample or model, and that no affirmation or promise, or description, or sample or model shall be deemed part of the basis of the bargain.

6. DISCLAIMER OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES The Seller has made no warranty that the goods covered by this contract are merchantable or fit for any particular purpose, and there are no warranties, express or implied, which extend beyond the warranty that the Seller is the owner of the goods and has a good right to sell the goods to the Buyer.

7. ENTIRE AGREEMENT This contract constitutes the complete and entire agreement between the parties and cannot be changed or modified in any manner, except in writing signed by the Buyer and Seller. There are no representations, statements of warranties relied upon the Buyer other than those contained herein.


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